Saturday, October 23, 2021
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Yediyurappa Resignation


Basavaraj Bommai was elected as the new CM of Karnataka on 27th of July 2021, after former CM B.S. Yediyurappa gave his resignation. Yediyurappa’s resignation has brought him a lot of support from the influential members of the Lingayat Community. These include the congress MLAs and the powerful seers of the Lingayat community in Karnataka.

Karnataka’s 17 percent of the population belong to the Lingayat Community. Now, this might work in favour of Congress in the upcoming election keeping in mind the influential power of this community in the state.  Few of the Congress leaders who had been calling Yediyurappa “corrupt” because of the mismanagement during the pandemic situation, are now attacking the BJP high command by alleging them of constantly “troubling the veteran leader” and forcing him to resign from his post.

The cast factor plays a very significant role in the Karnataka politics. It is   believed that Yediyurappa has a personal vote bank of 7 to 8 percent across the state. In the 2018 election, various sub-sects of the Lingayat-Veerashaiva Community have sway over 100 constituencies. Traditionally this community had backed the congress earlier days turned against in 1990 un ceremoniously sacking of then Chief Minister Veerandra Patil who belong to dominant Banajiga Lingayat community by Congress President Rajeev Ghandhi this was widely Speculated it was a move from congress.

The victimhood of the Congress party

With the 2023 assembly election in focus, Bommai is likely to introduce new faces to the party. He is likely to opt for 5 deputy Chief ministers and 6-8 young new faces in his cabinet. But will that be suitable in such a community struggle for BJP in the state?

Any shift in how lingayats BJP major vote base  could influence the next assembly election leading possible gain for congress But for this to happen  a lot will depend on how BJP handles Yediyurappa exit ,bringing another lingayat face may help it to minimise loss of support , still congress are counting on multiple factors to work and help them woo the community , The voice of solidarity in favour of Yederuppa by Shamanur Shivashankarappa and M.B Patil lingayat leaders of congress  is a move improve its position among Lingayat voters ,

Lingayats accounts for 17 percent of karnataka Population and have big voter group in 100 out of 224 assembly constituencies, whoever wins more than half of the 100 seats will capture the power 

According to sources, the immediate test for the BJP’s new CM would be winning the bypolls to Hanagal and Sindagi Assembly constituencies, which is expected to be held in the upcoming few months.

Will the CM be able to pass this test with the current scenario? Let’s see in the upcoming days.


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