Monday, December 6, 2021
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In-app sticker packs launched in WhatsApp for payments

The Company says these stickers will enable users to translate expressions of love, care, gratitude, blessing and joy into fun animated illustrations.


WhatsApp has launched a new series of stickers to add to the visual appeal while sending payments on its app. The company has collaborated with five female Indian artists to release the new illustrations. These are built on various cultural expressions related to money exchange.

According to sources, the sticker packs have been exclusively designed for Indian users. These stickers will enable users to translate expressions of love, care, gratitude, blessing and joy into fun animated illustrations, says the company.

Manesh Mahatme who is the Director of Payments of WhatsApp India said, “We believe that there’s a story behind every payment. Our aim is to onboard the next 500mn to the digital payments ecosystem and drives financial inclusion at scale. Hence, in line with our continuous endeavour to make sending money relatable and relevant for every user, we have collaborated with 5 accomplished women artists, rooted in India’s evolving culture, to bring alive some of the popular phrases and societal nuances that express payments experiences in a fun and compelling way.”

According to sources, WhatsApp has collaborated with Anjali Mehta. She is an artist and illustrator known to find her inspiration from human psychology, travelling and photography. Her payments on WhatsApp stickers is named ‘Pyaar aur Payments’. It is said to convey a “celebration of affection behind payments.”

There is also Anuja Pothireddy, who is a sketch artist and GIF curator, and her new WhatsApp stickers pack is named ‘Pay OK Please’. It is aimed to convey the “pleasant experiences around payments.”

Meanwhile, Neethi is an independent illustrator and muralist. She loves drawing all things dreamy, that are inspired by nature and life. She has named her sticker pack, ‘Pay Aadha or Zyaada’.

Also, Illustrator and artist Osheen Silva is known to look at art through the lens of surrealism and fiction. Her payments on WhatsApp sticker pack is called ‘Sabse Bada Rupaiya.’


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